• SoftThinks Deployment and Maintenance Solution

    A configure-to-order system Targeted for OEMs, PC manufacturers,
    PC retailers, PC refurbishers and corporate/education IT departments.
  • SoftThinks Deployment SuiteTM

    SoftThinks Deployment and Maintenance Solution

    What's SoftThinks Deployment Suite ?

    Unique deployment solution

    SDS is today the only solution available on the market fully dedicated to system deployment using industrial process.
    It includes a set of tool that can be easily activated to cover various needs from BTO/CTO installation to automatic system analysis and deployment in corporate environment.

    Patented repair solution

    SDS includes a patented system repair process based on a the SoftThinks adaptive workflow which uses a xml script file configured in order to take right decision when needed therefore the repair process don’t need manual input on most decisions and can be fully automate.

    Entire modular solution

    SDS is composed by more than 20 modules to offer various functionalities from the OS migration to the DOD wipe (secure hard disk cleanup).
    You can compose your ideal process workflow by selecting the modules you want to be part of.

  • SoftThinks Deployment SuiteTM

    SoftThinks Deployment and Maintenance Solution

    Industrialization to reduce costs

    Automatic deployment solution :
    • Deploy according to BOM, hardware PNP, ...
    • Full BTO/CTO support
    One controlled process :
    • Entire process managed by using a powerful script
    • Embedded automatic decision maker
    More services for more profitability :
    • One module by service, can be activated on needs basis
    • High added value branded services for end-user support and maintenance
    • On site and off site availability