• Taylor made solutions

    We can help you to identify your needs

    Thanks to our market knowledge :
    • Dedicated R&l department to work on new ideas/technologies
    • More than 10 years of customer needs review with the biggest OEMs and retailers
    Thanks to our backup and recovery experience :
    • More than 200 Millions of systems shipped with our recovery engines
    • Our softwares can handle any type of backup/recovery solution with support of various technologies like RFE, CDP, differential & incremental images
    Thanks to our production/repair process knowledge :
    • Solution implemented in the biggest PC production and repair floors around the world
    • Microsoft ADK/WINPE experts since more than 10 years
  • Taylor made solutions

    "à la carte" Software:

    Branded retail package :
    • You define the content, choose the services you want to offer to your customer
    • You define the Look & Feel by submitting WPF package or GUI guideline documents
    • SoftThinks package it for you using InstallShield engine
    • Integration of 3rd parties if required (Antivirus, optimization, disk utility, ...)
    IT management :
    • Content protection by blocking unauthorized installation
    • Automatic backup and recovery using the best engines available on the market
    • Updates push using intranet or extranet access
    Resources management :
    • Time management
    • Timesheet reporting