Simplify, Protect & Reassure.

With SyncKsquare, it's simple.
You secure all your content with a few clicks.

Secure your important data with security and more.

Back up your documents

Backup and restore your most important data, or your system in your digital environment.

Easy to deploy

Synksquare protection is just a few clicks away.

Keep your environment

SyncKsquare technology adapts to your infrastructure and your methods. No need for storage.


Very visual, the interface of SyncKsquare is made to protect the data of each one.

Tailored for you

We develop SyncKsquare for medium-sized businesses, to help you feel safe. No fuss, no unnecessary features.

Do not worry about piracy

SyncKsquare encrypts your backups with a single click. Your data will remain confidential even on a cloud account.

Created for SMEs, SyncKsquare is a data backup and recovery software. Clear, it protects you in a few clicks.

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