Computer Refurbishers, make your life easier

with SDS4MAR the most complete refurbishing software available. SDS4MAR merges, Certified HDD Wipe, Hardware Inventory & Diagnostic, and Image Deployment.

SDS4MAR Integrates Your Refurbishing Flow, Reduces Human Intervention & Enhances your Profitability

HDD wipe & Hardware Diagnostic

Adisa Certified Disk Wipe Process 3 Different Simultaneous Operations Capacities: 10,25 & 50 Hardware Diagnostics & Report Hardware Burn In Testing

Image Database Management

Ready-to-use and updated driver database. Image creation capacities: generic or factory-like. Your SDS4MAR Central Database to manage all your images

Image Deployment

Simplified process. Deploy images on up to 10, 25 or 50 machines from one server. Deploy OS + Software + Drivers


DSDS4MAR Management Console Traceability Compliance Statistic modules available.

Certified Disk Wipe Process